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Food and Medication Interactions

The effect of drug on a person may be different than expected because that drug interacts with another drug the person is taking (drug-drug interaction), food, beverages, dietary supplements the person is consuming or another disease the person has. A drug interaction is a situation in which a substance affects the activity of a drug, i.e. the effects are increased or decreased, or they produce a new effect that neither produces on its own.
For example, griseofulvin, an antifungal medication, needs to be taken with a fatty meal to be absorbed properly. Iron supplements for anemia are best taken with a mild acid like orange juice; if taken with milk they may not be well absorbed.
Medications affect nutrition in 4 main areas:
- they can stimulate or suppress the appetite;
- they can alter the amount of nutrients absorbed and the rate of absorption;
- they affect the way the body breaks down and uses up nutrients;
- and finally, they can slow down or speed up the rate at which food passes through the digestive tract.
food interactions
Regarding food-drug interactions physicians and pharmacists recognize that some foods and drugs, when taken simultaneously, can alter the body's ability to utilize a particular food or drug, or cause serious side effects. Clinically significant drug interactions, which pose potential harm to the patient, may result from changes in pharmaceutical, pharmacokinetic, or pharmacodynamic properties.
Different types of food/ drink can have different effects on medication. A meal high in fat may actually increase the absorption of some products, while significantly decreasing delivery of other medications.
Natural grapefruit juice contains “flavonoids”. Some of the flavonoids in grapefruit juice, especially naringenin, affect the activity of the liver. This affect in the liver may seriously alter the metabolism and concentration of some medications.
It is important to remember that naturally brewed coffee and tea contain caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant that, by itself, may increase the heart rate and blood pressure (temporarily). For most patients, moderate use of caffeine is not adverse.
For example, medications for treatment of erectile dysfunction also interact with the food. Cialis Soft is an analog of licensed brand-name drug, which has an improved formula of the drug, the instantaneous absorption of the substance in the male body and the reaction occurs much faster. The rapid effect occurs because the pill doesn’t go through the stomach, but absorbs directly into blood stream. Because of the way of intake, Cialis Soft online can be taken regardless of alcohol, fatty food and other products.
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